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Ordovici Celebrate in The Learn

Erl takes a bronze pin with green enamelled in-lays and grey glass inset from off his left shoulder where it rests purely for its message of beauty; it is large, half the size of his hand, cast in shiny swirls and sun glows that show light rays of the skies and the eyes of a Deity. “Wear this tribe brooch of beauty for the ceremony of welcome, it shows to all and to your son the respect we have for you as mother nurturer of this man-boy who is coming into his grown time and who brings great respect to us all.

“We will feast this Ordovici son of your body, we welcome him and will embed this home and people in his memory for all his time and for later when he becomes an ancestor and may wander back amongst us. He can become great if the Goddess wishes it, we will watch over him and one day he may guide and watch us.”

The whole tribe is here, young and old, babes at breast, oldest and youngest rolling and calling.

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