Tony Halker is an Indie author who has published two novels and collaborated in creating a book about deep space photography. His novels are literary fiction, concerned with modern themes, set in a landscape of our pre-history. He wants the emotion of landscape to form and influence the characters in his novels. Having worked as a geologist and in business management, he traveled extensively before making time to write. His second novel, “Displaced” was published in 2019.

"An avid reader of fiction, I am in awe of those who can draw out emotions, creating worlds with words that we can escape into and learn from.


"I mountain bike: off road on trails through woods, over hills and mountains. Walking is an obsession in any terrain, particularly the beaches, mountains and hills of North Wales, hence the setting for my debut novel.

I feel privileged to have known and worked with people of different cultures, backgrounds and views of the world. "Heritage is important; it should bind us, not divide us."

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