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Displaced people wander the lands, forced there by conflict and hunger, where they are used as agents of chaos. Optimism fights to come through despair. Fertility is revered, children have value for work, in marriage and for worship. They are traded.

Technology supports an established order of control and government that is not consensual. That order is threatened by new technologies that give some power to ordinary people.

Superstition, religion and ancestor beliefs have the power for good and or evil, inflicting pain or kindness and sometimes both.

Among this chaos pass our two priests, Owayne and Nial, seeking to learn from and influence events. A mysterious helper, Bron is with them. It is unclear whether he aids them or is simply to watch and report their actions. They love, make friends, struggle and fight, meeting decent peoples whose values and actions sometimes conflict with their own. They have to reconcile friendships and very different values.

These modern issues and events are played out in a landscape of our pre-history, one that we can see and touch today.

A tribal lord resists the march of progress, fighting for values that no longer resonate with his family or clan.

Battles of mind, values and technologies occur. Those who prevail determine the telling of history.

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