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 "The Learn" his acclaimed debut novel published in 2016

 The introduction of new technology threatens to upend the way of life in a Celtic Druid society as conflicting loyalties pit tribes against one another in this lyrical historical fiction. A whole Celtic Druid world is laid out before us, incorporating beliefs, technology and the natural environment.

"beautifully depicted", "vividly evocative of a period rarely examined"

 Helena Gumley-Mason in "The Lady"

"This may be one of the most ambitious and extraordinary novels you will find this year" 

David Guest in "Living Magazines"


People wander the lands, forced there by conflict and hunger, where they are used as agents of chaos. Optimism fights to come through despair. Fertility is revered, children have value for work, in marriage and for worship. They are traded.

Technology supports an established order of control and government that is not consensual. That order is threatened by new technologies that gives some power to ordinary people

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Short Stories
Changing Climate

A mixture of fiction and creative non-fiction these short and micro-stories judge the way we humans interact with our environment and the way other cellular life forms have done throughout Earth time.

Voices of rocks, plants and time’s judgement.

Have other dominant species done as much damage as us?

Lyrical language, views of our lands.

Challenging the way that we look at our impact, thinking about how we do and should live as a part of Nature.

Challenging hubris that puts us above and outside Nature.

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